There isn’t a trick, a spot, a time, or a magazine that could blow someone up overnight more than a backside noseblunt Thrasher cover on Clipper in 2002 by Darrell Stanton, (who would later get three more tricks on it.) While he’s probably the obvious name that comes to mind when discussing the most famous hubba of our time, Jack Curtin holds the title for most tricks down it with five, (switch crook, switch 5-0, nollie frontside noseblunt, switch back lip, and switch flip 5050.) Slash also gets an honorable mention for accidentally doing the gnarliest trick as his recent ender.

So many insane things have gone down on it that there are too many to name, Nyjah will probably kickflip noseblunt it within the next few years, but the only clip on it thats ever given me actual goosebumps is Anthony Poppalardo’s switch 5050 in a hoody at night. The super 8 clips leading up to it, the timing in the song, the filmer’s shadow, everything about that clip is so fucking perfect. There’s a reason Mr. Burns message board threads are never less than seven pages long.

P.S. Muska!

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